Hanna Love, Senior Research Analyst and Jennifer S. Vey, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, posted a thoughtful article on how the pandemic offers all of us an opportunity to reset and refocus on investing in vulnerable communities as a way to improve public health now and in the future. The article also explores how we have traditionally “quarantined” these vulnerable populations, leaving them in a perpetual crisis mode.

“A more granular examination of our policies of separation reveals that they have also been used to keep the most vulnerable populations within communities in crisis.

…As COVID-19 starkly exposes the frailties of our health, welfare, and justice systems, there is an opportunity—and imperative—to restructure them after the pandemic subsides.”

Read more at: https://www.brookings.edu/blog/the-avenue/2020/04/03/after-covid-19-we-must-invest-in-not-isolate-our-most-vulnerable-communities